What will happen during your assessment

The Orthotist will carry out a comprehensive bio-mechanical assessment of your feet and legs along with taking a patient history. This will allow the Orthotist to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition and identify any bio-mechanical imbalances, abnormalities in alignment or injury present.

A complete examination at Enable Orthotics includes

A visual examination of your walking/running.

This allows us to

  • Assess your foots movement
  • Identify any gait abnormalities
  • Identify any compensatory movements
  • Develop a better understanding of how your body and feet are functioning together

A none weight bearing examination of the foot and lower limbs

This allows us to

  • Evaluate the movement of the individual joints in your feet
  • Evaluate the axes of movement in your foot to isolate the specific area that causes a problem
  • Test the power of the muscles in the legs and feet
  • Identify any limitations in joint range
  • Test for ligament laxity or injury.
  • Assess the integrity of the tendons in your feet.
  • Identify and properly assess the source of your pain

Following your assessment any findings will be explained in plain English. Options for Orthotic treatment will also be explained fully, along with a breakdown of the cost of any Orthotic devices suggested.